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Origins Enneagram Pendant


Introducing an Enneagram pendant that reflects the true dignity of this striking symbol.


Antiqued Bronzed Stainless Steel has a warm rich base color with darkened recessed details to achieve an authentic aged look.

Industrial Stainless Steel has bright reflective highlights with matte unpolished recessed details for an rugged industrial look.

Blackened Stainless Steel has a matte black finish with subtle implied highlights on polished raised surfaces. This finish will continue to antique with an authentic aged look.

Note: Please wear this pendant with your favorite chain, strap, or beads. These are not included.


“The Enneagram can tell us who we really are, but first we must learn that it speaks to us. You may, one day, discover that the Enneagram is more than a picture of yourself, it is yourself, but turned the other way around –right is left and left is right.”

– JG Bennett, Enneagram Studies

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Industrial Stainless Steel, Antiqued Bronzed Stainless Steel, Blackened Stainless Steel