Enneagram Jewelry


The Enneagram Jewelry Collection

Designed by David Bollt, with consultation and research by Mike Morrell.

Finally...Enneagram rings and Enneagram pendants that showcase the grandeur, dignity, and provocation of this significant symbol.

David Bollt's artwork has been exhibited in museums, displayed in galleries and toured the world with some of the biggest rock bands in history. His artwork has graced magazine covers, CDs, comic books and posters, and his images can be found on clothing, jewelry, sports cars, custom motorcycles and electric guitars. David’s signature style has earned a vast following of dedicated collectors and has captured the imaginations of art enthusiasts from around the world. You can see more of his art at DavidBollt.com

Mike Morrell is collaborating author of the best-selling book, The Divine Dance (with Richard Rohr). He is a founding organizer of the Wild Goose Festival, a justice, arts, and spirituality festival that attracts artists, activists, spiritual leaders and change-makers from around the world. Mike's fascination with the Enneagram has inspired us to explore the beautiful geometry of this unique symbol as wearable jewelry. He makes sure that every one of our Enneagram designs is aligned with traditional and contemporary insights into the Enneagram's meaning and potential. Mike is a widely-respected progressive Christian blogger exploring the intersection of ‘Spirit, Culture, and Permaculture’ at MikeMorrell.org.